Where’s Your Writing Genie?

On my misty, early morning walk through the Enchanted Forest of Avondale Estates today, as I inhaled deeply the fragrances of abelia & crepe myrtle, the sunlight slanted down through leaves and fronds in all shades of emerald, lime, evergreen & dusky magnolia.

Magical memories, as a beautiful campfire song from Girl Scouts played in my mind…

“In the land of dreaming, not so far away,
Walked a total stranger at the break of day…
New lamps for old, tarnished ones for gold- –
Aladdin is selling new lamps for old…”

Oh, how this lovely melody and its wistful words recall an era when I honestly believed I could be a wild horse and run unfettered, forever!

That pre-adolescent time when everything is when the world is yours when simply rubbing a tarnished magic lamp can grant your wildest desires!

Well, I have a desire for YOU! After digging through links for nearly an hour to discover the missing lyrics of the song above (and I don’t even know its name) I’m putting it out there. Can you help me recapture the magic of Aladdin’s lamp?

Can you help me find the missing lyrics to the song above?

And while you’re in touch, can you please tell me any topics you’re interested in hearing about in teleseminars, my blog, or Your Guide?

I like to focus on the abundant flow of life and how we create it for ourselves, by always being on the lookout for the genies in those magic lamps that may have fallen into our path.

This article is about just that. One of my coaching clients, an extremely successful investment banker, was in the process of starting his own firm when we did an exercise called Vision Vivid, which evokes your genie and creates magic in your life.

I asked him to imagine six months into the future, and he described his fresh, new office humming on January 1st as he wrote the list of pending deals on a whiteboard. He could smell the markers and taste his coffee, as he and his trusted, longtime assistant worked productively together.

Although at first he didn’t understand the purpose of the exercise, he was willing to go along. I explained that attaching strong emotion to a vision helps it come to fruition faster. Six months later, within the projected time frame, it had all come into being.

Another very polished woman who is a top salesperson at her financial services company confessed that the vivid vision she created to describe her first home with her husband is exactly where they now live–a comfortable home with a swimming pool where they can welcome friends and family.

Our thoughts pull our reality to us like magnets. Which means that while we’re kicking down the road of life it’s important to be aware of what we’re thinking and dreaming about!

A young man from India, now working successfully toward his goal of becoming a highly paid photographer, said that since childhood he had imagined himself in the United States. He attached great emotion to the idea of living this life, and although he originally came here on a high-tech work visa, he eventually parlayed that into developing his photography skills until he was able to relocate to Los Angeles to pursue his dream.

My own sister passionately pursued every avenue to have a baby for more than eight years before her vision came to fruition in the form of her beautiful child Elizabeth. During that time, long before the baby’s conception, she bought E’s christening gown and hung it where she could see it frequently in her home. Now our entire family is blessed with the presence of this delightful child.

What fabulous success stories from several who were willing to permit themselves to walk in the land of dreaming…and then throw the energy and effort into pursuing their dreams!

As you think, you travel, and as you love, you attract,” is how philosopher James Allen states it.