The stronger one

Just to give you some ideas for your best song lyrics…

“You forgive too easily…

His words, dripping with absolute bitterness and anger, cut me deep. Sixteen-years-old, blossoming from a girl into a young woman, I was unaware that this was a bad thing. Is it?

Yes, you’re naive. You’ll believe any promise thrown at you.

He didn’t mean to sound so mean. He was hurt, we were both betrayed by the same person. My boyfriend. His best friend. We sat under the midnight moon, exchanging words of resentment and hurt, and I forgave his cruelty with the knowledge that this wasn’t truly my dear friend. It was a man who finally found someone he cared about, only to have her hurt him.

We were in it together, the outsiders, the forsaken. Laughing stocks of our little fish pond where news of the cheating bastards spread like a wild fire.

He thought I left him in a lurch when I forgave my boyfriend and came to him that night with the intention on urging him to move forward.

This was my role in life. The one who forgives. The one who extends the hand of friendship over and over again, only to have it spit in. The one who finds it easier to hold a grudge, so I push myself to forgive.

Everyone deserves a second chance, and so I give those who need one that chance. Sometimes that gets abused into three or four chances. In the case with this boyfriend, it was a total of two and a half years worth of chances.

There are few people in  my life that I don’t have the strength to forgive. People who have a pack-like mentality and picked me as their target. Those people I keep at arms length, privy to how they play these games in life, expectant of the changing tide when it’s convenient to them.

Perhaps I’ll forgive some of them one day, but truthfully, I’m happier since I haven’t. It makes it easier to keep them out of my life as much as possible, and when encounters are unavoidable, easier to keep my guard up.

On this particular night, seven long years ago, I pressured my friend to forgive the trespasses taken against him. If not so it makes Monday easier, but because it’s something they didn’t deserve, therefor making him the better person.

He listened, he forgave his friend, but not the girl. They became closer, he and I drifted apart when the friend and I broke up. It’s been five years since then, and he’s cut me out of his life. Attempts made to connect again have gone ignored; his actions slice through me like knives.

But it’s okay, I forgive him. And let it go.”

Now does the above text give you any inspiration to produce some great song lyrics?