Something Is Missing: Wordless Wednesday

maxresdefaultNormally our tree is cluttered with color coordinated ornaments. Some are homemade from the years that we had very little money, because we were saving to buy the home we now live in. Others were purchased from a department store I once worked at for a year and half. And the most current ones are not so current having been bought nearly four years ago.

Each year regardless of our economic state our tree has always been adorned with presents and ornaments topped with an angel. We don’t do lights because we want to do our small part in saving energy — something we adopted during the energy crisis in California many years ago. Frankly I don’t miss it. But I really need to get some new ideas for my other job. I’ve got some guys waiting on some lyrics for their music, so I better get moving. 

For some reason or other (maybe because my boys are older?) we nearly passed up the hoopla of the holidays. It wasn’t until last week that it was brought to my attention that Christmas was getting closer. It was hard to ignore the chatter I saw across my various social media streams and throughout the blogosphere.

I have to explain — I’m not a Grinch, well maybe I am just a tad. As a blogger and a song and lyrics writer I play a modest role in propelling the wings of consumerism. Heck, I’m even dissecting it at my advanced writing class I take at our community college. I love the dynamics and complexity of great lyrics in combination with some original and well-produced music. It’s fascinating.

However, the holidays for me are an excuse for families to gather over lots of food, and dancing it off for hours on end. All of that other stuff (presents, lights, Santa…) doesn’t really matter to me. All year long each member in my extended family are busy in our own lives, so we make up in a big way by celebrating the holidays and most birthdays together. Okay, so we get together quite often.

There are no set rules about when or how to do the holidays, so anything goes — right? The point is, is that I don’t care that we just put up our tree last Saturday, and that I only draped it with candy canes topping it with a Santa hat. I’m not stressed because I have yet to wrap a single gift. The presents will get wrapped and be nuzzled below the tree later today (just 3 days before our celebration of Christmas Eve). That’s good enough of time as any for me.

The joy of being surrounded by family is what I most look forward to. I wish you all a great holiday celebration (which ever you may be celebrating this month) with your families, too! Anyway, have an inspirational Christmas and 2017. Let me know how you guys are doing on your lyrics writing!