How to Cope in Hard Times

Over these most recent winter months, I found myself having to deal with issues that involve the hard economic times that we are now facing. Sure, the U.S. economy is booming, but for writers…

Previously I wrote an article entitled, Using Spirituality To Solve Foreclosure that covers options that are available to you to help you stop your foreclosure in its tracks. You may well benefit from the following video that tells a lot about dealing with difficult times in life:

Not only are so many families still facing foreclosure; but unemployment, as well as the lack of jobs available to people who have perhaps never had a problem in the past in obtaining gainful employment.

And even some of those who are gainfully employed are facing cutbacks and layoffs. Not to mention rising prices of consumable goods and/or those who find themselves concerned for their relatives who are overseas fighting a war. The point is, I need to make my readers and listeners clamor for more and if that doesn’t work, like it didn’t over the last year, is it not easy to find yourself in a state of despair?

But I know those days have gone. I am happy to state that with the coming of the New Year I find myself in the best of spirits and I am enthusiastically looking forward to a very prosperous year. My writing will be on the rise again soon though I still, at times, suffer from a little Writer’s Block. I guess, however, that the worst is over.

It’s as though I have a new lease on life. I have a secret for my success! However, when I wrote the following poem I was not in such a good space. So let’s get started. Here is where I was at that time!


I opened my eyes,
and I saw trouble,
I shook my head,
yet I saw double.
Everything I believed,
was being challenged.
Was my life an illusion?
Was it all imagined?

From the depths,
of my thoughts,
I was being deceived.
Yet this is not,
what I thought,
I believed.

Was what I was seeing,
really real?
was this the way,
I was supposed to feel?

Had everything I thought,
been just an illusion?
Believing in myself and God,
Yet now in confusion?

Yet all of these thoughts,
have brought me,
to this conclusion,
I am suffering from,
a head contusion.

A blow to the head,
a blow to the heart,
something I wasn’t feeling,
from the start.

I had gone forth,
and created miracles,
in circumference,
to the universe,
they were spherical.

We created together, God and I,
and it set me free.
That something, that seemed,
to let me be,
That something, that seemed
to let me soar,
Yet it ceases to be,
and is no more.

I opened my eyes,
and I saw trouble,
I shook my head,
and I saw double,
It’s as if the sun,
no longer shines,
These are times,
I didn’t think,
would be mine.

Times I never thought,
I would have to claim.
Times that are only,
meant to maim.
Times that render me,
a cripple,
Times where I cannot,
contain the ripple.

The ripple of life,
that ebb and flow,
times of which,
you could not possibly know.
Times that catch you,
completely off-guard,
Times that are,
intrinsically hard.

It saddens me to know,
that I own these times,
It saddens me to know,
that these times are mine.
It disappoints me to know,
that they exist.
It bothers me to know,
that they persist.

Yet, here I am,
enduring it all,
what a change from,
the summer to the fall.
And through the winter,
cold and damp,
what happened to,
that wonderful champ?

And now I feel,
the cold of winter,
like a very painful,
and irritating splinter,
that is embedded in my flesh,
and which has created,
such a mindless mess.

And a new start,
I definitely need,
And yet, I know,
that only I can,
plant the seed.

So, what to do,
and what to think?
Of what cup do I drink?

Of the cup, I know,
will set me free?
when I know I am,
drowning in merciless

Of what cup is that?
Have I lost my way?
I take ahold of it this day.

I take ahold of what I know,
and steer my ship,
through this cold and snow,

I take stock of this winter,
that has me in its grip.
And I’ll vow to take,
this lovely trip,
to the safe haven,
of my soul,
where it takes one,
that is both,
brave and bold.

And so, I enter,
into the ether,
my spirit and soul,
into the oneness,
of the all,
where I will,
take my place,
and stand tall.

I hope you’ll get some inspiration from these personal words.