A Glimpse Into the Future

Want to get inspired to write some out-of-this-world lyrics? Well, reading books or interesting stories (at the moment I’m actually reading a lot of Shakespeare, amazing and inspiring!),  is definitely helping you get ahead. Check out the following story that a good girl friend of mine sent me a couple of days ago. May this …

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The stronger one

Just to give you some ideas for your best song lyrics… “You forgive too easily… His words, dripping with absolute bitterness and anger, cut me deep. Sixteen-years-old, blossoming from a girl into a young woman, I was unaware that this was a bad thing. Is it? Yes, you’re naive. You’ll believe any promise thrown at …

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Tears for Things

I wrote this after midnight and finished it today. I thought I was on the right path of figuring out how to make my song lyrics great, but instead I just feel even crazier. I even didn’t put gas in my truck because 1) it keeps rising and 2) I seriously thought I’d have enough …

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