images-16We kind of like the Songbay website. It is a one-of-a-kind marketplace and THE place to go if you want to sell, buy, or trade original Lyrics and Music.

Songbay is (rightly so) pretty proud of the diversity and quality of their music & lyrics library that contains compositions, performances, and recordings by numerous artists from across the globe.

It sells all sorts of music material that has no publishing restrictions. Here you have the chance to buy lyrics and/or music of any sort of style, and apply it immediately in any thinkable situation or for any purpose.

You can use their products for business presentations, in TV commercials, or for film-editing purposes. You can use parts of their music for sampling, or digitally download a complete song. Many of Songbay’s writers and artists are even allowing customers to buy their songs or lyrics’ complete copyrights.

Songbay offers you a wide range of products, from full orchestral compositions to chart hits, and from very poetic verses to catchy raps. It doesn’t matter whether you own an advertising or marketing company that requires catchy music, a TV producer who needs music for his movie, or a music composer who requires some quality lyrics, at Songbay you will find what you want.

Also if you want a piece of music or lyrics exclusively written for you, or in case you want one of Songbay’s artists to help you with a project, this is the place to be. They offer you the option to get in touch with their artists directly by using an email link on their artists’ pages.

Here are the key features of what Songbay is offering:

Songbay is enabling users to:

  • sell & buy original Songs, music, and/or Lyrics of multiple styles
  • sell & buy legally approved licenses, so you can use songs and lyrics legally in all sorts of projects
  • sell & buy digital downloads of music and songs
  • sell & buy samples of music
  • sell & buy the copyrights to lyrics and songs
  • get original lyrics and songs published across the world
  • contact and exchange ideas with other Songbay users
  • cooperate with other Songbay users
  • build up a network with other Songbay users
  • receive promotion and publicity on a worldwide scale
  • register your products and get worldwide copyright protection
  • get advice on songwriting, and how to best produce and arrange your music
  • sell & buy lyrics and music online

There’s no cost involved if you want to check out  Music and Lyric Library, and regardless whether you are a composer who’s looking to find a lyricist, another user who wants something special written, or a film producer who’s searching for original music for his production, Songbay is the best one-stop center.

Their  procedures are pretty straightforward. You can make your choice of lyrics or songs, go to the “check-out” section, and begin to use the song or lyric right away for whatever it is you are producing.

The entire process will require just a couple of minutes, and Songbay will even come up with a completed contract, if wanted, at no charge. You also may get directly in touch with a writer or artist for collaboration purposes. Just use the email link that shows on all participating artists’ pages.