A Glimpse Into the Future

lyrics1Want to get inspired to write some out-of-this-world lyrics? Well, reading books or interesting stories (at the moment I’m actually reading a lot of Shakespeare, amazing and inspiring!),  is definitely helping you get ahead.

Check out the following story that a good girl friend of mine sent me a couple of days ago. May this help you to get inspired.

A snapshot of today: I am currently sitting on my in-laws couch in Canada. My husband is sleeping on the floor (we’ve already had a long day!) while my MIL rests in her room and my FIL sits across from me working on my grandpa-in-law’s birthday gift.

A snapshot of my life: I am working in the profession I always wanted to, at a job I love and am quite efficiently paying off my student debt. I’ve been married for over a year and am thinking about starting a family at the end of this year.

My parents are trying to sell their house and move to Florida. My sister is getting married in November, and my brother is FAR from marriage.

This is not what I expected life to look like. (With the exception of my brother … totally expected that!)

Ever since I was 9 years old, I knew I wanted to be one of two things: an elementary school teacher, or my current profession (intentionally not discussing). And I’ve done just that.

Five years ago I had just started my second year of grad school and was really worried about getting a job. Now I’ve had the same job for 2.5 years and love it (just got an excellent evaluation as well which always helps!)

I knew that one day my sister would get married. Not really surprising. But I didn’t realize she’d get married now. She’s not a “young” bride, but she isn’t an “old” bride by ANY stretch (she’s 25). I guess you’d say she’s young-ish. Five years ago my sister hadn’t had her gastric bypass surgery yet and was probably concerned about her future love life. Little did she know!

As for me, I guess if I’m honest there was always a part of me scared I’d never get married. A part of me that thought I just would never find that person who I was going to be compatible with who would want to marry me. Call it low self esteem, call it approaching life cautiously, who knows.

Now, I did know I would definitely become a mother one day, I just didn’t know that I would have a partner along for the ride. Five years ago I was close to meeting my ex-boyfriend, the last one right before I met D. I had always wanted a kid before I turned 30, but since I didn’t think I would get married, if I’m honest I was using 30 as my “if I’m not married by” date, then I would look into adoption or insemination. But now I don’t have to.

And even though there was a big part of me that thought I may never get married, the thing in my current life that I am most shocked about, is my parents. I’ve written before about the fact that my parents are trying to sell their house.

Five years ago, my dad was still fighting the battle and to be honest, I thought he was going to lose. I thought my mother was going to hold strong and refuse to move. I was wrong. Although the house has not sold and it doesn’t look like they are moving just yet, it is now their desire. And it is what surprises me, and hurts me the most about what is different from five years ago.

Inspirational? Well, I’ll be giving you plenty of other stories in time to help you become really good song lyric writers. Keep up the good work.