IMPho Review – A Look Inside the Online Community

Though the internet is constantly being flooded with new scams and schemes, there are a few legitimate online business courses that are steadily growing. These companies are created by people who legitimately want to help other people build an online business. They’re not just in it for quick cash as a lot of the other […]

The History of the Personal Computer

The PC, or personal computer, has revolutionized today’s society in several different ways.  When computers first came on the scene and started being used to help the government and businesses work more efficiently, this was seen as a major step forward in technology. At first, however, nobody dreamed that the computer would find its way […]

Lights, Camera, Action!

High-tech efficiencies make this home entertaining — and easy. Taking your work home might not be so bad if you’re Mike Toutonghi, the engineer who started Microsoft’s effort to develop home-entertainment and automation systems of the future. The son of a Seattle school teacher, Toutonghi used to be a jewelry designer. While attending community college […]

Music and Science Connection

If we take a (very) broad, retrospective look at things, music has been interwoven with the sciences – nay information – since its inception. From Pythagorean and other tuning systems to the particular mechanics of individual instruments, to the emergence of audio technology – the world of music is essentially a world of information bathed […]

Digital Music in Public Libraries

E-books in libraries are certainly attracting a lot of attention these days. The public seems both fascinated and horrified by the idea of “bookless libraries”, while the library profession itself grapples with the manifold challenges raised by e-books. Access versus ownership, digital rights management, and ever-changing file formats and technologies are key issues at library […]