IMPho Review – A Look Inside the Online Community

Though the internet is constantly being flooded with new scams and schemes, there are a few legitimate online business courses that are steadily growing. These companies are created by people who legitimately want to help other people build an online business. They’re not just in it for quick cash as a lot of the other scam artists out there. These are the type of people that we appreciate and respect.

However, when I landed on the website’s homepage, the default sales video for these types of programs started to play, and I almost mentally flagged the program as a scam. Regardless, I stuck around a little longer, did some digging, and I realized that there is more to this program than I originally thought.

IMPho is dedicated to providing its members with a wide array of educational products and tools to create a successful online business. The program is quite similar to Wealthy Affiliate but it does not contain as many features. We’ll discuss the IMPho community at length in this review so get comfortable!

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IMPho is an internet marketing training center that was founded by Allen Payne back in 2011. Since then the community has been steadily growing and now there are approximately 4,000 registered members and the website is booming. Before, the website was just a community of like-minded individuals, actually active more or less since the personal computer was invented, who discussed various topics related to internet marketing and building online businesses.

However, recently the company took a turn for the better and decided to include a website building feature, which makes it possible for members to build attractive websites in a matter of minutes. On top of that, the company also has a decent support system where people can receive answers to questions without waiting for days. There are also several other features that we’ll discuss later on in this article. So let’s face it: love or hate Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is here to stay so any decent alternative platform is more than welcome.

What Does IMPho Mean?

IMPho stands for “Internet Marketing” and “Pho” means “forum” in Latin. So in simple terms, IMPho is a massive internet marketing education forum and website building platform. But it’s not just a compilation of instructional articles and videos; it has an active community which does their best to help each other progress with their business plans. Take a look at the list of features below.

IMPho Features:

  • A community of highly active members.
  • +500 training modules.
  • The forum is broken down into many different sub-forums.
  • Plenty of tools to get you started. You’ll need these tools to get started.
  • A great affiliate program that pays up to %50 commission fees.
  • Listings for promotional purposes.
  • Various challenges to keep members engaged in their business.
  • Download section where members can share valuable downloads.

These features do seem attractive but if you’re looking for a similar program that has been proven to work many times over, I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate It’s been around for much longer than IMPho and it is completely newbie friendly; perfect for beginners.

Of course, that does not mean that you should skip this entire review. Stick around and see if IMPho is the right program for you. Check out also this post on Virtual Technology-the social checks and balances.

Pros vs. Cons


  • Completely free. Starter members can sign-up for free and take advantage of a 20-week starter course.
  • The ranking system is amazing; it rewards members with points for completing various tasks.
  • The training material is free for starter members (which is surprising considering the amount of valuable information found within the material).
  • The affiliate program can pay up to %50 commissions for each sale.
  • The forum is quite active and there are plenty of interesting threads to browse through. Not to mention the fact that there are a lot of experienced members who would be more than happy to share their experience with you.
  • There are more than 500 training modules which will walk you through the process of building a legitimate online business.
  • The company has a straight-forward “NO BS” attitude and there are not a lot of useless up-sells and down-sells.
  • Plenty of tools and downloads to choose from (SEO, marketing, etc)
  • The support is top-notch and quick.


  • Some of the articles on the website are simple PLR articles that have been circulating the internet for years. PLR articles are simply tweaked articles from other sites. Google hates duplicate content, and their algorithm will with time figure out that the content is tweaked (taken) from other sites.
  • Some members have complained that the information is too much for them to handle like happens in libraries with their digital music databases. They feel overwhelmed with information and don’t know how to process it all.
  • The price is a little bit steep (premium) for people who don’t have any income. You won’t be able to read through all the material in a short amount of time. It will take months.
  • Some of the training is a bit outdated such as article marketing techniques, back-links, etc.
  • No web-hosting included.
  • Focuses a bit too much on high-pressure sales techniques.
  • The company encourages members to promote Joint Venture products which are often low quality and useless.

Who Is The IMPho Community Intended For?

Well, the answer to that is simple: anyone who wants to make a business online. Not only has IMPho a huge database of top-notch training material but it also gives members the opportunity to interact with other like-minded people. It’s a little bit like a social media website; people can communicate with each other and work together to further their goals. So it’s a community of people with the same goals and who continue to work towards their goals. People who like to get their homes filled with high-tech efficiencies. It’s a lot like Wealthy Affiliate but not as advanced. You can find material for beginners, intermediate levels, and advanced levels. There’s a little something for everyone.

What Kind of Training & Tools Does Allen Payne Offer?

There are about 500 different training modules. What does that mean? Well, perhaps the picture below can help shed some light on that question. But remember that this screenshot is of the premium training area – not the starter membership area. You won’t have access to most of these features unless you upgrade to a premium membership.

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